About the Integral Yoga End-of-Life Project

Integral Yoga End-of-Life Project is designed to educate and prepare ourselves for the transition at end of life. The curriculum and activities described on this website are being developed by Integral Yoga senior instructors, swami, ministers, therapists, and chaplains. It is a global project. Sangha around the world is invited to join Satchidananda Ashram – Yogaville and the Integral Yoga Institutes in curating and developing parts of this project.  Classes, workshops, and Teacher Training programs that are currently offered will be incorporated into the EoL curriculum, new projects and discussion groups will be formed.


Upon hearing about the Integral Yoga End-of-Life Project, Swami Vidyananda recently wrote:  I would love to read and discuss Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal with a group and discuss how to set things up end-of-life care for residents at Yogaville.

Please use the form on our Contact Page to let us know if you wish to participate in this book group.

Bloggers Wanted

If you are an Integral Yoga Minister, Swami, Chaplain, Therapist, or senior Hatha Instructor who would like to regularly blog on the topics addressed on this website, you can have your own space to publish here. Please use the form on our Contact Page to let us know if you wish to participate in this book group.

“On this 40th anniversary of the Integral Yoga Ministry, we are pleased to announce a new project that the Ministry is embracing. Four months in, it is still in its early stages and will be developed over the coming years as our ministers and others actively share the curriculum in their counseling and teaching roles. We tried out various more poetic names for the project, but decided to call it simply and clearly: “The Integral Yoga End-of-Life Project.

The project and the website has been developed by Karuna Kreps. who has been a devotee of Sri Gurudev since 1967. At the beginning of the pandemic she became active in helping the IYI NY through a group called Unify IYI and this idea grew out of that work.

Many have contributed to the project in various ways from recommending resources to assisting with graphics for the website. They include:

Abaya Thiele
Annapoorni Jane Welcher
Amma Kidd
Aruna Reifman
Chandrika Shrobe
Dave Raganath Mancini 
David Barrett, Esq
Dhyani Simonini
Divvya Heidi Bertold
Ellen King-Rodgers
Ishwari Gordon
Jeeva Abate
Lane Ratchford

Karuna Karen Bromberg
Karuna Kreps
Lane Ratchford
Leela White
Rev Bhagvan
Rev Bhavani Metro
Rev Laksmi Scalise
Rev. Premanjali
Rishi Schweig

S. Sarvaananda
Shakti Ruth Mary Hall
Shanthi Sharon Behl
Siva Wick


Modes of delivery
Several pre-existing classes and workshops currently offered by IYIs and Yogaville will fit into the Integral Yoga End-of-Life Project and may be included in its curriculum. Some classes and workshops may be delivered in person as IYIs and Yogaville reopen to the public this year. More of these classes and workshops can be delivered virtually online.  Parts of the curriculum may be taught by Integral Yoga instructors from all around the world. One of the hallmarks of this project is how it has been embraced not by one Integral Yoga teaching center but by the three major USA Institutes and by Yogaville.

On each page, you’ll find a place with this gold color background to leave comments, questions, and suggestions. We would love to hear from you about this project. Let us know how you wish to get involved with it and what you can offer to it.

Please share your thoughts as the Integral Yoga End-of-Life Project is evolving. Comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Please let us know what you would like added or changed.  Please also let us know a little about who you are, and what experience inspires your contribution. Please click the white read more link to leave your comments in the comment box.


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