This site may serve those who are grieving, caregiving, coming to terms with the completion of a life cycle, and receiving or providing crisis management. Learn to plan and prepare for a “good” death, approached with ease and a sense of completion and release.

The Integral Yoga End-of-Life Project Workshops

Spiritual Guidance and Practical Advice

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Watch and please share these recordings of talks from six online workshops covering every aspect of end-of-life preparation that were led  by Integral Yoga senior teachers, ministers, chaplains, and instructors.

For over half a century, Integral Yoga has taught us how to live an easeful, peaceful, and useful life. Now, as we age, the time has come for Integral Yoga to lead the way in guiding people to prepare for the end of life so we may more peacefully leave our legacies behind us. The curriculum for this initiative has the potential to be as significant to Yoga Teacher Training as it has been to the development of Yoga Therapy. The programming for it is developed by senior Integral Yoga students and ministers worldwide.

Death can come at any minute, in any way. We do not know what is in store tomorrow, or, whether there is a tomorrow, or even a tonight! But still, we have the golden present. Now we are alive and kicking. What should we do now? Love all, serve all.~Sri Swami Satchidananda

6 Tracks of the Integral Yoga End-of-Life Project


The meaning of life, death, karma, and rebirth; relinquishing attachments to the body and possessions; releasing resentments and grudges, and appreciating relationships



 Senior Yoga/aging well; understanding what happens to the body at end of life, disposal of the body / green burial/cremation service


Practical Planning

Preparing papers and documents for Power of Attorney, Advanced Directives and Wills, funerals/memorials/legacy gifting, cremation recommendation. Leaving your wisdom for others.  


Memorials & Interment

Interfaith memorials online and/or hosted at IYI NY or Yogaville.
Grief counseling.
For close sangha: the interment of ashes at Yogaville.


Community Service

Providing services to the aged such as offering companionship; food shopping and preparation; helping people get walkers, crutches, wheelchairs; driving people to doctor’s offices, etc.


Legacy Giving

How do you want your life story to be remembered? What will be your legacy? Explore the many ways you can leave behind gifts to benefit those who come after you are gone.


Swami Satchidananda

Swami Satchidananda (Sri Gurudev) spoke directly and at length on the topic of death and dying.  When the end comes, he said, just accept it. All that lives ends. It is God’s will. The best way to prepare for the end of life, he said, is to live your life well.  All his teachings show us how to let go of attachments and accept whatever comes. He recommended that we each spend life in spiritual practice. It is best not to wait to begin at the very end of life,  but it is still better late than never. 


The United States is a country that’s rapidly aging. According to Census Bureau estimates, the number of people over 65 in the U.S. will nearly double over the next 40 years. We are also working longer, living alone more frequently, and facing financial hardship. And of course, there’s now this pandemic. 80% of COVID-related deaths in the United States have been among people over 65. 


Unitd States Census Bureau

Recently, concern about the serious issue of suicide—especially in the case of very famous people who took their own lives—has been highlighted in the news. This booklet came to be because a Yoga teacher asked if Swami Satchidananda (the founder of Integral Yoga) addressed this issue and if so, what he had to say. Over the years he was asked many questions about suicide, what really happens to someone after death, and who we are beyond the body and mind. So, this booklet is a compilation of everything we could find that Swami Satchidananda has said on these subjects. We hope it will offer hope to those in need of this advice—whether they, or a loved one, is contemplating suicide. 

About Integral Yoga

Explore Integral Yoga® – Informational eBook

In honor of Integral Yoga’s 50th anniversary, a special publication titled Explore Integral Yoga offers a comprehensive overview of this organization founded by Sri Swami Satchidananda in 1966. This elegant, full color magazine showcases Integral Yoga teachings, programs, and services. It also includes a timeline of Integral Yoga milestones over the past 50 years.

Please Comment on this Track

The Integral Yoga End-of-Life Project is evolving. Comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Please let us know what should be added, or if anything should be changed.  Please note a little about who you are, and what experience inspires your contribution.


  1. Kenda Hanuman

    This is so needed!
    Thank you.

  2. Diahn Marie Simonini

    I really liked the way the branches (spiritual, Practical etc. were presented. I have spent a lot of the low-activity time during the pandemic getting my various documents, personal instructions, legal papers and Five Wishes together in one place. I am a single
    person with only a brother who is not interested in discussing any of the issues of death, so it is absolutely necessary that I become well-organized. Actually, we ALL (even the younger sangha) need to become well-organized as an act of karma yoga, if nothing else!!

  3. sue parks

    Yoga has allowed me to surrender more that any other practice in my life. Hospice nursing gifted me with many folks who had accepted their death and left peacefully.
    I completed ITT thru the SFIYI in the fall of 2020. I currently teach chair yoga at my church. I would like to teach a course on Death and Dying incorporating our integral yoga teachings that adapt well to the theology of our church.
    Are their presently teaching aids from Integral Yoga that could help me prepare this course?
    Thank you for beginning this project! It would be so wonderful to help all of us aging folk to accept the inevitability of death, and improve our life now by doing so.
    Om shanti, sue parks

  4. Kalyani G

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic. These workshops will be a great service.


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