Community Service

Serving the Homebound & Elderly

Old-fashioned community service, looking out for our neighbors, can now be accomplished by the power of online communication. This website will feature an online reservation system with which volunteers and gig workers can learn what aid is needed and then provide services to the aged such as offering companionship, food shopping and preparation, helping people get walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, driving people to doctors visits, etc.

See how this software can work. What is needed is for sangha members to step forward and manage the volunteer system for their geographic area.  If you are so inspired to initiate such seva, you will find support that will enable you to touch lives and make a big difference in your community. Please contact us to take on this life-changing service.
Integral Yoga - Swamis and Ministers

The Yogaville Community Association is already providing regular “wellness calls” to its neighbors.

And the Community Committee of the IYI NY is developing vegan food delivery to the homebound. 

Please Comment on this Track

The Integral Yoga End-of-Life Project is evolving. Comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Please let us know what should be added, or if anything should be changed.  Please note a little about who you are, and what experience inspires your contribution.

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